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Letters and Meanings. Gateway to Arabic
Año de Publicación: 2019
: Inglés Arabe
DOI: 10.6018/editum.2761

Letters and meanings is a tool for achieving an A.1 level in Arabic (according to the Common European Framework). Its main goal is to familiarize students with reading and writing the Arabic language. It is aimed at English-speaking students in a learning environment with an instructor. The independent learner, however, will also find recommendations and strategies for study as well as diverse materials and resources which will allow him or her to get acquainted with the new system of written signs and sounds which he or she hopes to learn.

Letters and meanings is presented like an Arabic book, to be read from right to left. If you choose to print it, be careful and bind it to the right in order to use it properly. The book begins with an introductory and theoretical unit about the Arabic language. It is divided into eight teaching units, plus one review unit, and concludes with an answer key to the exercises, classroom vocabulary, some brief notes on Arabic calligraphy, and two glossaries. All of this is accompanied by downloadable mp3 audio files.

Cómo citar (APA 7th)Aguilar, V., Manzano, M. Á., & Zanón, J. (2019). Letters and Meanings. Gateway to Arabic. Editum. Ediciones de la Universidad de Murcia.
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